N.D.F. is collective of pataphysics.
In other words: we are a group of artists, philosophers, scientists etc., in need of a good explanation about the weird and spooky phenomena we perceive as reality. We feel really comfortable within the pataphysic's paradigm.
Find and read our Manifesto. Share our Goal. Take a look to our Expositon. Feel free to use our knowledge.
If you want to share our research, to become member, and/or to give us suggestions, don't hesitate and contact us.
We are an open collective and open to new reformulations. We converge.


The following four notes are a Manifesto that should build an ontological hypothesis.
The hypothesis that we present here is based on our aesthetic sensibilities.
Our aesthetic sensibilities are converging, as driven by ethical commitment.

  • Inscrutability of the end
    One god, greatest among gods and humans,
    like mortals neither in form nor in thought.

  • Someone is waiting for us
    We are living in a computer-programmed reality.
    (Philip K. Dick)
  • The future comes back
    Cogito ergo mundus talis est.
    (Brandon Carter)
  • Time is a state of mind
    It is impossible for any process, no matter how idealized, to reduce the entropy of a system to its absolute-zero value in a finite number of operations.
    (Walther Nernst)
A comprehensive explanation of the meaning obtained by the concatenation of these four considerations is given in our NDF-wiki.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


A sequence:

  • Matteo Madella Mazzanti (Brescia, 1975, philosopher).
    A guardian of the sole
  • Matteo Infantino Varsallona (Bologna, 1977, artist).
    An eye for optical theory
  • Fabiano Chiari (Bologna, 1977, artist)
    A cosmic pipe
  • Gianni Ganzaroli (Bologna, 1976, archaeologist)
    A revolution in mind
  • Moreno Accorsi Maccaferri (Bologna, 1989, artist)
    An artificial creature